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Sandridge School District 172

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Sandridge School District 172
"Committed to providing a competitive learning environment that empowers each scholar to achieve by responding to an ever-changing world."

Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction

Here you will see the instruction offered by Sandridge for all grade levels. At Sandridge, we focus on core curriculum aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards. Please review what you child will be learning in their grade this year.

8th Grade Social Science

7th Grade Social Sciences

K-8 P. E. Classes

Curriculum for kindergarten through eighth grade physical education classes

8th Grade Music

Curriculum for eighth music classes

8th Grade ELA

Curriculum for eighth classes

7th Grade Music

Curriculum for seventh grade music classes

7th Grade ELA

Curriculum for seventh grade classes

6th Grade Social Studies

Curriculum for sixth grade social studies classes

6th Grade Science

Curriculum for sixth grade science classes

6th Grade Math

Curriculum for sixth grade math classes

6th Grade Music

Curriculum for sixth grade music classes

6th Grade ELA

Curriculum for sixth grade classes

5th Grade Music

Curriculum for fifth grade music classes

5th Grade ELA

Curriculum for fifth grade classes

4th Grade Music

Curriculum for fourth grade music classes

4th Grade ELA

Curriculum for fourth grade classes

3rd Grade Music

Curriculum for 3rd grade music classes

3rd Grade ELA

Curriculum for third grade classes

2nd Grade Music

Curriculum for second grade music classes

2nd Grade ELA

Curriculum for second grade classes

1st Grade Music

Curriculum for first grade music classes

​​​1st Grade ELA

Curriculum for first grade classes

Kindergarten Music

Curriculum for Kindergarten music classes

Kindergarten ELA

Curriculum for Kindergarten classes